Saturday, March 3, 2012

March is Inspiring

I woke up this morning, peacefully, in the sunshine pouring through my bedroom window. It has been a beautiful day today. Since the coffee jar on the counter was empty, Bobby and I took a stroll down to the corner coffee shop and ordered two hot coffees. I, of course, took a sip too soon and since then have had that strange feeling on my tongue from when you burn your mouth. I don’t care much though because today is a very inspiring day. After purchasing our coffees we walked around town and took in the morning sun.

We arrived home shortly after and I made breakfast, some simple eggs and toast this morning, nothing extravagant. After breakfast, Bobby did some work while I cleaned up and prepped for a day at the park. I felt the need to get out in nature and enjoy the beautiful Florida sun. I can’t pass that up! I feel nature to be a great mind expanding mechanism. Before heading to the park, we stopped by the local grocer and purchased a bottle of chilled Moscato (Bobby’s favorite) for a little beverage to add some class to our relaxing time of creative thought. And off to the park we went.
I have recently purchased a new book to feed my mind. It’s called ‘The Handmade Marketplace’ by Kari Chapin. This book is full of great information and a fabulous buy. I find it to be just the motivation I need to kick the slump I’ve been in lately. Now I have a mind of fresh thoughts and inspiration for my next line of work.
With spring coming fast and another extension on our lease, I want to create some furnishings that will spruce up the odd balcony. I’m feeling plants and herbs and a comfortable place for some “morning Joe,” plus a nice spot for Bobby and I to enjoy fresh spring dinners. Oh how I love spring! Maybe a dual lounger and counter height bistro table. That sounds great to me! By the end of this I will have a small urban oasis on my miniature balcony.
Now I need to figure out how to fit all this stuff on a 18 foot by 4 foot space.


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  1. Sounds like a GREAT day!! I can't wait to see the balcony!! Love y'all!!